Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sweet Baby

Good morning!  This posting thing may become a habit again...could be fun!  I made another baby card as we had one more gift from my husband and I and a couple of the great-grandparents for my son and his wife.  They did not have a crib yet and we just couldn't let the baby come home without out a crib sooooo...we all pitched in and got them one!

 So, above is the card that I made for this gift.  I love the paper colors and the little clothespins...so cute!  Again, both boy and girl colors. 
 So, the crib came un-assembled of course and the box was huge and quite heavy...120 lbs or so but Todd managed to get it in the bed of the truck then Scott helped him carry it in.  It isn't together yet but when it is together it should look something like the photo below.  We just have to find them a mattress and a changing pad.  I love that there is storage...three drawers on the side and two below.  I understand from the reviews on Amazon that they aren't huge drawers but they are better than nothing!

So there you have it.  I'm working on another card but I'm not loving my coloring right now (it is a bit rusty after not having colored much for a year and a half) so we shall see if I go with it or not.

Right now, I'm off to exercise and watch last nights Dancing With The Stars!  Have a wonderful day! From Millan.Net


Kelly L said...

Adorable card. That crib is terrific. Love the drawers on the end like that. Super practical too.

Patti J said...

Love your card, Lorie. So sweet! And oh My gosh, that baby bed is phenomenal!

Kris said...

LOVE that crib!! So many drawers and the li'l cubbies - too cute!! Love that it's white too. Mine was white also - goes with anything. Congrats "grandma" heehee!!

Kris said...

OK, I'm a ditz... your card is super cute as well, :) Love the li'l clothes pins hanging the sign.