Wednesday, August 24, 2011

#1 Fan

Good morning friends! It has been a busy week already this week...yay! I subbed for the church secretary this week and while that is only until 3 in the afternoon it totally threw off my day and I haven't gotten much crafting in but I do have something for today and I have time in my schedule to create today so woohoo!

Today I'm showing you the insert to a notepad holder I made for an RAK. This person has kids that are all into sports so I thought I'd go ahead and make her something with a sports theme and I thought moms have to take notes during games too, right?

The paper that I've used is paper that I have in my stash. That "foam" hand? That is an SVG that I found on the net and then just cut it with my Cricut. I just printed the sentiment on the hand, put some "stitching" around it, and then added some stars at the bottom. It can't be thick so I couldn't add any dimension to it. I really like the results and I hope she will like it too!

I just want to give you guys a heads up about my blog. I'm going to be moving my blog to a new blog address soon and my followers widgets don't move with it (I don't believe) so you will have to re-subscribe. I will let you know when this is about to take place but wanted you to know ahead of time!

Make today a wonderful day all!

Thought for the day: God recycles...he made you out of dust. Genesis 2:7


Donna said...

Cute! And great idea of a sports fan. I'll be looking for the time to resubscribe! Have a great day!

Patti J said...

Lorie, this is a great idea! Thanks for sharing your fun card with us! When you say the word, I'll be there to re-subscribe!!! Hope you've had fun at church! Take care...

Danni said...

Cute card! and I'll follow you--just be sure to let us know where you're new blog is!!! Hugs!