Friday, January 27, 2012

The Companion Page

It's Smiley from Woohoo! Who has fun plans for the weekend? I don't, not really but it just being the weekend makes me happy! I'll be working on projects for the Doodle Pantry new release on Wednesday next week. I can't wait to show you the fun images DP is releasing this month!
So, the above page is the companion to the one that I showed you yesterday.  While it has some of the same colors it isn't winter because it is just about the "stuff" in our week.  I did much more jounaling on this one that I have done on the others but it is still just pretty general stuff.  I'm really liking this P52 process.  I did get behind on my scanning though so I have to do double tomorrow.  I love doing it though because it is a walk down memory lane in most cases.  This weekend I'll be making some more pages so stayed tuned!

Well, that is it from me for today!  I hope you have a fun day!

Thought of the day:  Wake up every morning with the thought something wonderful is going to happen.  Wouldn't that be an amazing way to start your day?


Glenda Atkins said...

Oh I like this layout too, I can see where scrap-booking could be addictive :O) Would be fascinating to look back on all the events captured on all the layouts throughout the years!

Kristine said...

Great page Lorie and good for you doing the P52! Awesome idea.

Diane said...

So lovely,you're on a roll with your layouts! They are all wonderful!