Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More P52 Pages

Happy Tuesday friends! I just thought I'd stop in and show you my last two weeks of my P52 project. As we go through these longs weeks of March with not much going on it gets harder to find something to scrap about. Soon, though, things will be picking up and then I'll have all sorts of things to share!
So, during week 10 I joined a short term class at Jazzercise called Ballet Body.  It is pretty kick butt however I do find myself stronger each time I take the class...about three times a week.  My weight loss partners and I won that week, too.  And, I was elected Corresponding Secretary of my PEO chapter that week.  Both of these pages are made with Look Whoo, a new set from A-Manda Creation that isn't even out in the store yet. 
Last week was a very slow week but good none the less.  we had a new Carl's Jr open up here in town.  Todd and Kyler went to the grand opening...arriving probably at 5:45 AM!  They were giving out coupons for a combo a week for a year for the first 75 (but actually gave away 95 of them) but Todd and Kyler didn't make it into that 95 people.  Funny thing is they didn't even eat there as they didn't have the time to wait.  They went to Perkin's.  Smiley from millan.net

Alright, there you have it for the day.  I hope your week is going well so far!  We are supposed to get some snow today, rain tomorrow.  Ick!  I'm so done with winter!

Thought of the day:  The phrase 'working mother' is redundant. 


Patti J said...

Ha ha ha....Have to start with your thought for the day - perfect! Your pages are wonderful, Lorie, and I'm so impressed that you are scrapping them as they happen! Great work, my friend!

Dani said...

You're so good! I love that you're sticking with the weekly layouts. I probably would've already given up! I'm not great on my follow through. :) The Carls Jr thing makes me laugh! Great job!

Donna said...

Great layouts Lorie! I could send you some sunshine and 85 degree weather. We have hit records almost every day this week. Very strange weather for March. Not sure what's going on but getting email for your blog has been very erratic. One came through this morning but not this one. Go figure!

Kristine said...

more great pages Lorie. That IS funny to show up and then go elsewhere to eat :P We woke up to a bunch of snow and it's still snowing! Suppose to get a ton more first part of next week. I need to work on some scrappy pages. my problem is I don't have too many kits to work with and it can get expensive!! I discovered digiscrapdot.com which has lots of freebies. *Ü*