Thursday, September 27, 2012


Surprise! I have the scrapbook page to share and why not today, right? Todd and I are going to Cabo and I wanted to start scrapbooking early so I grabbed a photo off the resort's website, found a fun Mexican themed scrapkit and template challenge and got to work!

The template and kit are from Laurie's Scraps & Designs.  I don't usually use templates like most people do by bringing it into my program and then starting to insert (it doesn't work in MMS) but instead I print out the photo and use it as a sketch.  Having tried the template thing (there is a work around in MMS) I prefer to just use it as a sketch.  There is also a font challenge on Laurie's blog that I wanted to play along with as I thought it would look great on this page but it didn't install into MMS for some reason and I really didn't want to play around with it. 

There you have it!  Make sure you come back tomorrow for the Sketches by Carly blog hop!


Sue from Oregon said...

What a lucky girl...a fun trip to look forward to! Great idea to get a jump start too!

Patti J said...

Wow, you are SO amazing, working ahead like this! Love your page, and can't wait to see more pages with lots of photos...what a fun trip!

Donna said...

Wonderful page! I am so in awe that you do this digitally. It's just gorgeous! Have a wonderful time on your trip. Tom and I were going to go to Hawaii this year for our 35th anniversary in October but we never got the arrangements made. Guess there was a reason for that. Tom's having problems at work and he doesn't feel like he can leave right now. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!