Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Zip Lining Adventure Photos

I'm almost ready to post another crafting project for ya. I think I'll finish it up today and be able to post it tomorrow. I will have a little group of four gift tags and four cards to share with you! In the meantime here is a couple of more photos from the zip lining adventure in Cabo.

Above is what I call the tarzan swing.  Basically it was just a way to get us from one side to the other of the little canyon.  The funny part, the part you can't see is at the other side they have mattress on the rocks in case the person doesn't stop you so you don't hurt yourself because there is no way to slow down on this one.  I did hit the mattresses too because the guy was still unhooking Todd.  Too funny! Smiley from
And the above photo here is from one of the two bridges.  This one wasn't so hard.  It is just two wires and your safety line is attached so no big deal.  (Our safety line was attached everywhere which is good 'cuz I'm pretty clumsy!)  The bridge I was terrified on they didn't get a photo of.  Oh!  I found a photo of the type of bridge itself...not us on the actual bridge but you'll get an idea...

I'm not sure why that type of bridge was so scary (our "commando bridge" was much higher up in the canyon than this photo.  By the time I was done my entire body was shaking.  Smiley from But you know what?  I did it!  For me, even stepping outside my comfort zone to go and do this was a big deal and now I know it is super fun!

So there you go...a couple of photos for today.  I hope you'll come back and check out my projects tomorrow, too!  Have a great Wednesday!


Jennifer ♥ said...

Looks fun! I would love to try a zip line someday.

Patti J said...





Thanks for sharing :)

Kelly L said...

How amazing!! Experience of a lifetime, I bet. :) I would have been petrified, but I think I would LOVE to try it just once. Haaaa! with a change of pants just in case ;) Kel

Donna said...

Good for you! Adventure is good for you. I'd love to be there right now!

Ida said...

Wonderful shots of your adventure.
I've become terrified of heights as I age so this wouldn't be something I would attempt but kudos to you for giving it a go!