Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's almost birthday time...

Hello all!  It is almost time for a birthday in my family so I had to make a card...obviously!  Hopefully he won't read this blog post but this card is for my middle son, Jon.  He is going to be...wait for it...23 on Feb 27th.  Crazy, right?  I know!  Since he doesn't live in the same town as us anymore I needed to get my card done early (early for me at least) so I could get it in the mail and get it to him on time.

 As any boy in his 20's does my son loves pizza and soda, Mtn Dew to be specific so I made my soda can in Mt. Dew colors (thought I'm not sure that is entirely clear that is what I was trying to do) and added a couple of hearts 'cuz we love him sooooo much!  I noticed the the 'birthday' letters are a bit crooked so I guess I should have made them wonky on!  Eh, either way I think he'll like this!  The pizza, soda and hearts svg files are from SVG Cutting Files and the happy birthday I just found on my computer.  I use AC Cardstock when I cut files like this on my Cricut with SCAL2. 

Inside I just stamp somed candles and a 'Make a Wish!' sentiment.  I think this card is definitely good to go out in the mail tomorrow!  Yay!

A couple of our friends/acquaintances have had losses so I'll be making a few more sympathy cards here in the next couple of days, too.

I hope you have had a great weekend!  Remember to follow my blog to get notifications of when I post and I love your comments too! 

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Cheryl W. said...

I'm sure your son will love your fun card!