Monday, February 27, 2012

Week 7

Good morning friends!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  We had a busy end of our week this last week but it was all fun and I'm sure you'll eventually see a page about it!  These are from two weeks ago.  I'm a little slow in getting the pages done but at least they are getting done!
Above is what I'm considering my page about Valentine's Day.  Okay, we went to Leavenworth on Monday not on Tuesday but it is what worked into our schedule so we went for it.  Leavenworth is a little town that was about to not exist anymore that re-invented itself into a Bavarian town.  It is all Bavarian themed from the buildings, to the musics, to the events it holds AND it has some great wineries!  It is a great story!  And I had to show the empty plate because I rarely finish an out to eat meal but I do love me some Hungarian goulash and spatzle!
As you all know I got some flowers from Jon for Valentine's Day and finally for that week Kyler made a board for a project in history that turned out so well and the presentation was great so we had to get a photo of that too.

Last week was a pretty slow one, in fact I only have two photos I think so it will probably be a one page layout rather than two.  We shall see though.

That is it for today.  I hope you all have a pleasant start to your week!

Thought of the day:  Happy birthday to my Jon!  He turns 20 today...he's been 20 in Afghanistan for about 12 hours now!


Patti J said...

Slow at getting things posted? I think not! Another wonderful layout, Lorie! I know you are missing your Jon today. Happy Birthday to Jon, and blessings to you, my friend. Thanks for sharing!

QuiltNut Creations said...

Great pages Lorie. We love Leavenworth; such a pretty, fun place to visit.

Donna said...

Wonderful layouts Lorie. Thanks for the DP wishes. Wish we had been DT together but you got me hooked! LOL!