Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! My name is Kyler, Lorie's favorite 14 year old son! Yesterday I created this card for my Dad. At first when my mom said your going to make a card for dad I thought, this isn't going to go well.... WRONG!!! It turned out twice as good as I thought it would. The recliner I colored so it would look like my dad's and it turned out very well. The sentiment was my favorite from the set, well maybe except for the one that said, "I love you Mower and Mower". I thought that was funny! Finally, the stop sign was to remind him that its not a day to work it's a day for dad to learn that we all love him. I hope dad likes it and to all you dads out there keep up the good work
God Bless,
Kyler Ames


Donna said...

Kyler, how thoughtful of you to make your Dad's card. I just know he will love this one. Great coloring job on the recliner. Congrats on your recent graduation. Hope you have a fun summer!

Kathi said...

What an awesome card Kyler! I know your Dad will be so happy to get it, especially knowing that you made if for him! You did a fantastic job on that recliner and the entire card! Congrats to you on your recent graduation!

Patti J said...

Well,'s so nice to finally 'meet' you! What a great card that you made for your dad - I'm sure that he loved receiving it, and will cherish that you made it for him. You are such a thoughtful young man, and it sounds like you have an amazing sense of humor as well! Congratulations on your graduation. It was fun seeing photos of you and your parents and grandparents, and Scott! You do realize that if you keep up this card-making, you will have to create a blog for us all to follow? Happy Sunday, Kyler, Happy Father's Day, Todd, and hugs to you, Lorie - your family is awesome!