Friday, June 15, 2012

Photo heavy post....

For the whole 2 or 3 of you that have been wanting to see pictures of Kyler's 8th grade graduation...this post is for you!

It is tradition at this Christian School that each student give a little speech about their time at the school, what they've learned, and their favorite memory.  Because Kyler's class is a large class at 17 graduating (large for this school that is...last year it was only four) the 8th grade teacher wanted to throw that out but the parents insisted and I'm so glad we did.  Each child got three minutes for their speech, each and every one of those children did an amazing job!  I was SO proud of Kyler...he didn't seem nervous at all although he said he was.
Another tradition at the school is that each of the kids has a table on which they set things that represent them.  You can see Kyler has a football, star wars gun, his 3DS box, a 2 liter of Mountain Dew, and some Skylanders.  Oh, and a "paper" drum which represents his drumming.  We let Kyler do his table but you could tell some parents did it for their kids.
And here we have Kyler's entire class.He has gone to school with all of these kids at least 3 years and some of them have been going to school together, in the same class for nine years.  Kyler has been with these classmates for a total of seven years.
Above are the boys in the class.  Up until this year the four boys on the left were the only boys in a class of 16...they were way out numbered.  This year Sam and Aidan came back so there were six.  The boy standing to Kyler's right, Eion, is Kyler's best friend.
And finally the entire crew that came to honor Kyler on his graduation.

Thanks for hanging in there for all these photos!  I hope you like them and get a sense of how neat the night was.  I just wanted to add how touched I was when we picked up his report card (which is did GREAT on!) and graduation certificate yesterday.  There was also a card from the school's principal, Mrs. Peyton with his "stuff."  She took the time to write each of the children a little note of congratulations and a remembrance of them.  I thought that was very special.

So, have a wonderful Friday!


Patti J said...

What fun, Lorie! Gosh, Kyler is so handsome. He looks just like you and just like Todd - how is that I'm guessing that is Scott and his fiance on the left, and which grandmas surprised him with a visit? Oh, I am so nosy! Sorry! Thanks for sharing the photos, and Kyler, congratulations on your graduation! Best of luck at high school!

Jennifer ♥ said...

Love all the pictures!! Congrats to Kyler! It is amazing how much he looks like Todd - guess that was meant to be :)

Donna said...

Great pictures and wonderful memories! Kyler's on his way to something wonderful. And he's got great parents to back him up. Congrats once again!

Glenda Atkins said...

Oh Lorie I love your post, You have such a handsome son and to see all those young lads dressed up and proud of what they have accomplished is so wonderful and provides one with some hope for the future as there must be others out there just like them. How proud you must be!!

Chrissy D said...

I like it Thank you for joining us in the Sweet Stop Sketch! We hope you will join us again! Have a great day!