Saturday, August 25, 2012


Good morning!  Ummm...where did this week go?  I totally meant to post way more than I did this week but time just got away from me! 
You may remember this card from my post HERE.  Well, I wanted to have a little treat for the young lady who is going to get the card so I got the Lifesavers Box template from The Cutting Cafe and made it up!  The box is supposed to fit 4 rolls of Lifesavers but I couldn't find rolls of Lifesavers so I just bought them individually wrapped and put a whole bunch in the box.  That works too, right?

I'm going to be working on another project this weekend...this one for teachers so I hope you'll check!  I'm off for a bike ride.  I gotta make it quick today as I'm heading off to the church to help out with some stuff.

Have a great Saturday!  Smiley from


Patti J said...

What fun! I may have to order that box - it's wonderful! And I love that her gift and card will be matching - she's going to be so tickled! You rock, my friend!!! Great project!

Glenda Atkins said...

Wonderful card and box and boy do I love your colour choices! Great project!

Imke said...

That´s awesome, Lorie. I like the D2D cute little girl and the colors and DP fits great.

Donna said...

Adorable set! Love the idea of the life saver box. Great idea. I know she'll love it! Have a wonderful week!