Friday, September 7, 2012

The Dawg Pound!

Smiley from, I know you know it is Friday, yay!  Not much on my docket today other than Jazzercise and a dental appointment (ick!).  I know I have a Cutting Cafe project to work on for Monday so maybe I'll be doing that!  Today I'm going to share the pages I did of Kyler heading to his first day of high school.  I'm sorry if you are tired of hearing it.  It will be old news soon, I promise!
In anticipation of Kyler starting high school (and all the pages I have yet to do of Scott and Jon's high school years) I purchase a customizable digital scrapbooking kit.  It comes with papers, embellies, and alphas all in your school's colors and personalized with your school mascot/name.  It was only $5.99 so I had to have it!  Anyway, above is the getting ready at home and in the car.  When I took the photo of him sharpening his pencils he said..."mom, I'm just sharpening my pencils"  yeah, well, I wanted a photo and see it worked perfectly into the page!  I love the close up with him in his hat and is a great shot that very much shows his personality (and he looks like Jon here!). 
Then for this page I took a photo of the school while waiting in the super long line to get into the school parking lot.  Over that I put the Bulldog.  I got a shot of him getting out and then walking away from me into young adult-hood.  Smiley from

Alright, I'm off to take Kyler to school.  Have a wonderful day everyone!


Pat (mspfd) said...

Gosh, don't they grow up so fast? Great layout and colors. Even Tyler's shirt matches.

Donna said...

Wonderful pictures and layouts Lorie! Kyler will remember that day as lots of fun. Have a great weekend!

Kristine said...

Great pages Lorie!! Our colors here are also red/white/blue and our mascott is the white buffalo. Good luck catching up with all those many HS pages for all the boys! I started school scrapbooks (old traditional kind) but kinda quit around grade 2 or 3. SOMEday maybe I'll get back to them. Digital is so much more fun now. Hope your bike ride was awesome and you get to relax today. *Ü*