Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Bright

Thank you so much to everyone that stopped by my blog yesterday for the Card Swap Hop!  I love crafting...just haven't had much time to do it recently so the card swap was perfect!

Today I want to share with you some gift card holders that I made.  I know...there are tons of tutorials for gift card holders, right?  Well, first, this isn't a tutorial and is really easy to replicate!  Check them out...

These were quickly and easily made with SU! Envelope Board.  They are 3"x4" because I wanted the little paper 'thingie' that the gift cards come on to go in the envelope too as it has a place to write the value of the card on it.  I just followed the directions on the board starting with a 6x6 piece of paper and these are the cute holders that I came up with.  The papers and the sticker elements all came from the, can you guess from yesterday?, Winter Bright Simply Scrappin' kit that I used on my step-up swap cards.  I have three nieces and one nephew so for my ease I made three pink and one blue.  Honestly, I was SO pleased with myself when they were done!

Are you making any special projects for gifts or decoration this year?  I'd love to see so feel free to link me up in the comments!

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