Monday, January 12, 2015

One Little Word for 2015

A few years ago I chose a word for the was Graceful.  Honestly, I didn't really 'do anything' with my word.  I picked it and then I just let it set...what good does that do?  What I didn't know then that Ali Edwards actually runs a One Little Word workshop to help you document and stay with your word for the year.  There are monthly prompts and a wonderful Facebook group for support and inspiration. I was already being called to a word when I heard about the workshop so I decided to go for it...the workshop and really getting into my word this year.  What word would draw me into a year long relationship you ask?  That word is...

done on purpose; deliberate

Great word, right?  I think so too!  It is, though, an all encompassing word which, I can see, working in my life in so many different ways.  Intentional, of course starts with my family, the time I spend with them, the things I say (and how I say them), and the things I do with them.  Intentional also works into areas of my life such as my health. I need to be intentional with my menu planning and meal preparation as well as keeping my body fit through exercise.  I also need to be more intentional in my study of God's Word.  We will start a Bible study at church next week that I'm looking forward to and from there I will be Intentional in choosing a new study.  And what about being Intentional in my interactions with others?  

Intentional Words, Intentional Actions, Intentional Thoughts, Intentional Life!

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