Monday, July 11, 2016

Envelope Flip Book

Ya gotta love Monday, don't ya?  It's a fresh start to a new many opportunities! Today I'm sharing the swap that I am sending out today.  The swap I signed up for is called an Envelope Flip Book (head to YouTube there are tons of videos tuts).  I thought it would be best to use one pack of paper and embellishment and I happened to have an older set of paper called Splash by Bella Blvd in my stash so I went with a fun summer water theme.  You'll see that almost everything is from that collection.  Well, here we go, be aware there are lots of photos!
Above is what I consider the front of the flip book.  The silver eyelet is to hold the twine in place.  I wrapped the book several times but the recipient could just cut it short if she wanted to.  The little sunglasses I cut on my Cameo and the file is from Miss Kate Cuttables (more from Miss Kate later this week!).
When you first open it up you see the above two pages.  I really love the way these two look though the OCD in me wishes I would have put the blue (for water) on the bottom and the orange (for sun/sky) on the top BUT I think it looks just great the way it is!
On the bottom the little Wet & Wild card flips over and there is space to journal and some fun stickers. 
The little fish on the top has sequins for his bubbles.  I just love that!
Next the flip book is turned to the portrait orientation and you see the next two pages. 
The above page is just a big water splash with bubbles and sequins to jazz it up a bit.  The card has space to journal on the front and when flipped over. 
On the right is the sand castle and another day in paradise.  Again, the card has space to journal and when you flip the card up.  There are more sequins for sparkle.  
Here is what it looks like all the way open.  You can see two more pages show up when it is all the way open.  These two pages are my favorite (well, that and the back which you'll see in a moment). 
On the right this panel has three journaling cards which I have held together with a cute little clip.  There are a couple of fun little embellies on each card too.
When the flaps are open there is a fun little beach scene and it says 'lazy summer day'.
Above you can see the three cards.  Again, I love the way the three cards cascade. 
Then the left side there has a fun little card that says 'i wish I was a fish).  Flip it over and you'll see...
A fun little 'sink or swim' sticker and a place for either more journaling or a photo that would be slightly smaller than 4"x6". 
Now, the two sides you see above also have pull outs that are 4 1/2"X6 1/2" so that up to four photos can be placed in the book. 
And finally...the back.  This is actually my favorite space.  I think it really sums up what the book is in the sun!  The sun is a sticker from the paper pack and the clouds/sentiment are from Miss Kate Cuttables.

I have a couple of other big projects to share with you this week as well.  On Friday I'm sharing what I made as a Guest Designer for one of my favorite SVG companies so I hope you'll keep checking back!


Amy (aka Aimitup) said...

Love your flip book Lorie - thanks for sharing on the Miss Kate Galleria!

Donna said...

This is absolutely amazing,fabulous flip book, thanks for letting me know where to get instructions!