Saturday, September 10, 2016

Tale of an external hard drive...

Good Saturday morning friends!  I'm here to share a little behind the scenes in my croffice. If you've noticed I've not been sharing as much recently.  Part of that is because I had the fair that took up some of my time and part of that is because I've been volunteering a bit more at Care Net but part of that is because my External Hard Drive that has, literally, thousands of dollars of SVG files, collected over many, many years, and more on it - - died - - yep, died.

I almost panicked but I had a couple of tricks up my sleeve, one being my friend John who is a computer guru (Isn't it a blessing to have one of those people in your life?  YES!).  He said he'd take a look at my old EHD and thought he'd be able to save it...gave me 75% chance of that.  Well, he got to it and found that one little something had been singed...probably in a brown out we'd had (which makes sense once I thought about it) so he couldn't save it...darn it!  Well, my second trick was that I do back up off site and could have them send me a hard drive with the info and then I could transfer it to my own hard drive at the cost of almost $200, which remember how much I've invested in SVG files over the years isn't that much so....I ordered it and look what I'm doing this morning!!
I'm transferring over thousands of photos, SVG files, and documents.  I'm SO THANKFUL that I had this option.  That computer friend, John, is going to teach me how to use a system here at home to back up so I don't have to spend $200 if it happens again.  Can I just say that, as a girl, I'm super happy they have a fun berry colored EHD for me to purchase!  I know...I'm silly!

So, today you can be happy with me as I enjoy knowing I can get back to whatever creating I want to very soon!  Have a wonderful weekend all!

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Sue from Oregon said...

Oh my! I would be crying for sure. My techie son set me up with a cloud backup so I feel a bit better. Thank heavens for techie people!!! Good luck!