Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lovely box with bow...

Good morning all! Did you all have an amazing Christmas? Ours was very nice indeed. It was a wonderfully relaxing hang out day with Kyler, Scott and Ashley. Photos to come I promise! In the meantime here is a couple of photos of a box I made for the family that did child care at the church on Christmas Day. It was incredibly nice of them and I just wanted to show my appreciation.
This first photo is just of the box with bow closed.  It is a fabulous SVG file from SVG Cuts and it was FREE!!  It looks like it is still free so if you can cut SVG's with your cutting machine go grab the kit now!  The patterned paper I used is from Stampin' Up! a year or two ago.  I thought it was nice but not over the top Christmasy. 
I just loaded the inside with peanut butter cups, kisses and some tootsie rolls.  On the top (not shown in the photo) I added some coupons for ice cream cones from a local favorite place.  They fit just perfect under the bow on the corner!  The only think I wish I would have done differently was make the bow solid red instead of adding the one layer of opposite paper.  Such is still looks nice!

And finally is a photo of one of my surprise Christmas gifts.  Well, a couple of them at least.  The ring and necklace are ruby and quite substantial which is great as I will wear them for Rigadoon as the only jewelry so I love the bigger size.  So, pretty huh?  My hubby sure does a great job at picking out gifts for me!

Anyway, I will be back again soon...I promise.  Thanks for hanging in there with me!

Thought of the day: confuses people.  :) 


Glenda Atkins said...

Fabulous box and the bow is gorgeous. Wonderful!!

Glenda Atkins said...

Oh, forgot to say I LOVE your ring and necklace - wow lucky you:)

Donna said...

Love that box and I did snag it from SVG Cuts. Just haven't tried to make it yet. Santa was very good to you this year. You must have been extra nice!