Monday, March 26, 2012

P 52--Week 12

Good morning friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was pretty good!  I didn't get a whole bunch accomplished but I still feel good about what I did get accomplished including the scrapbook pages I'm showing you today!  A-Manda Creation has a brand new kit out called Movie Night.  It is SO fun that I tried to talk Kyler into having a movie themed birthday party but he stuck with the football theme instead.  I know he'll have a much better time with his football theme though!
These are the pages for week 12 of my P52.  I am right on track with this project and, frankly, I'm pretty happy with myself for sticking with it this long.  In between these layouts I create for the A-Manda Creation creative team as well as for things like Jon's mid-tour leave and I'm going to take on my Hawaii photos here this week.  Should be fun!
I went to see Act of Valour with my friend, Lori (yep, Lori and she was the first person that I met when we moved here).  Her son recently enlisted in the Army, completed basic training and moved to New York.  Lots of change for her!  Anyway, I wasn't sure how I was going to do with the movie but it was actually really good!  I enjoyed it a lot...'til the end when...well, I won't tell you so that if you see it I don't ruin it for ya. 
The photo above is approximately what the two page layout will look like together.  For whatever reason I couldn't get it exactly straight for the preview but I know it will look great all printed out!

So...I hope you have an amazing Monday!  It will be what you make it so make it a GREAT one!

Thought of the day:  If only our tongues were made of glass.  How much more careful we would be when we speak.  ~Shaun Shane


Patti J said...

I really like these pages, Lorie! Something about the borders just makes me happy! Thanks for sharing, my friend!

Donna said...

Wonderful layouts, Lorie. What a fun movie theme. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Kristine said...

Excellent pages Lorie--LOVE those colors!! Vern and I saw Act of Valor--very good movie and this is our Spring Break week, so the girls and I are planning to see Journey 2 as well! I envy your digi scrapping progress Lorie. Wish I had more time to do it and the available papers etc. You always seem to have just the right kits to go with your pictures--AWESOME!! *Ü*

Sue from Oregon said...

Great pages Lorie...what is that green stuff in the jar...reminds me of the juicer creations my daughter has been making...she swears it is good but I am not convinced LOL!