Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Good morning friends!  I know...how crazy is it that I'm posting again today?  I just want to show you a fun project I made with MyMemories Suite and a new kit from A-Manda Creation called Outdoor Artist
I went to the dollar store to find a package of sidewalk chalk but what I found was this super fun hopscotch kit.  It includes chalk, bean bag place markers, and directions.  On the header I used the hopscotch image from A-Manda Creation and made a little scene and I added a little rhyme that I remember using as a kid when I played hopscotch, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear.  Does anyone else remember that?

Anyway, it was super fun to make and I'm looking forward to giving this away.  I just want you to remember that while yesterday was a fun day with a day off, BBQ's and friends today someone will learn that there loved one was killed in action.  Always keep our military members in your thoughts and prayers...there is way more going on in Afghanistan than the government and t.v. lets on. 

Have a great Tuesday!


Danni said...

This is just the cutest!! What a great, creative idea!!

Sue from Oregon said...

What a great idea Lorie!

Donna said...

Totally cute, Lori! And what a great idea. I guess the scrapbook software isn't just for scrapbooks. ;)

Kristine said...

OH THAT is cute Lorie!! Carly says they used to do Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear for jumproping, but I suppose it would work for hopscotch too! Do you remember those hand clapping games that goes something about "Say, Say O Playmate"? I can't remember all of it to teach it to my kids, although they're "too old" for those hand games now. Maddy just turned 12 yesterday and Carly's will be 14 in a few months--- AAACK!!! Growing up way too fast. Anyways, that is SUCH a cute li'l hopscotch kit and someone will surely have a lot of fun with it. Great thinkin'!! *Ü*

Kelly L said...

that is really a cute hopskotch kit! What a terrific idea! I loved hopskotch as a kid, and I remember Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear that Kris mentions above too. You are really making me think about getting My Memories Suite. I am not that "digital" yet, but I have seen some great things from it and have quite a few friends that love digital scrapbooking. :) Hugs, Kel