Friday, July 13, 2012

Colchuck Lake

After what I think was the 24 hour flu (during which I lost 7 pounds--yikes!) I believe I'm up and going again so I thought I'd come here and show you some photos of the hiking trip we took this last weekend.

This hike was to Colchuck Lake in Leavenworth and was by far the longest I have ever done at about 5 hours total.  Yes, FIVE hours!  The most I've done prior to that time is about half at 2 hours.  Anyway, we made it through and I really feel as if I've accomplished something which is a great feeling!

Enjoy the photos and the laugh you'll have at the end!

Alright, so...this was the first glimpse at where we were headed.  Yep, there is still snow up there.  Nope, it didn't feel cool, AT ALL, when we got there.  It was in the 100's in town that day and quite warm on the hike. 
You are going to find (or you already know) that I love (to look at) water.  I love the ocean, streams, even rain in the summer.  This hike made me so happy as we had the sounds of water almost the entire way!
Here is my honey leading the way.  I prefer he leads that way I don't necessarily slow him down but I think I did a good job at keeping up a pretty brisque pace during this hike.  The website says it is a 6 hour hike and we did it in 5 hours and 8 minutes...woot, woot!
Yep, you get to see a photo of me too.  I'm not looking great as I was sweating beyond belief but I was really excited to have made it to the top.  Have I mentioned yet that going down was very difficult.  I thought I was going to die.  At one point I said, and I quote, "please God let it be over."  The next thing I knew Todd was saying...I see cars...WOOHOO!!!
Here is what the view was like at the top.  Pretty incredible, huh?  We could have skirted around to get down to the lake but we were both tired, hungry and we were ready to go back down after eating a little something.  Interesting fact about this was taken on my iPhone!
And here is your laugh for the day.  This is me trying to figure out how to use my iPhone correctly and Todd, well...he was just being Todd.  Hahahaha!

I hope you've had a wonderful week!  I've been creating but I'm not able to share those quite yet so I'll get back in my craft room again soon and make something I can share!  Oh, and I get to go get Kyler from the airport today...he's coming home from being gone for 10 days to grandmas.  I cannot wait to squeeze him!


Donna said...

So sorry to hear that you've been sick. Not a pleasant way to spend your day even if it is only for 24 hours. Hope you are feeling better now. Gorgeous scenery and what a hike! I always have trouble on the way down too. Gets to my knees. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Patti J said...

Sure hope you are feeling better! No fun being sick :( Sounds like you and Todd had a wonderful weekend! Lorie, these photos just take my breath away. How beautiful! Happy that you made it up AND down safely! The down is my 'downfall' (lol..pun definitely intended!). Thanks so much for sharing! Hugs...