Friday, December 14, 2012

A forest of Hershey's!

It's FRIDAY! Woot, woot!  It is good to have a weekend coming up with something fun planned during it.  It is a Rigadoon weekend (our dinner/dance club) so Todd and I get to go spend some time together...yay!  Today I have for you what I think is my last Christmas post (though don't hold your breath as you never know).  I wanted to make something for Kyler to give to his teachers if he wanted to and for his Karate instructors.  These trees are perfect!  I've actually made 9 of them with enough "stuff" left over for two more...I'm going to make those in blue...kinda funky I think. 

Anyway, the super easy to follow directions are HERE.  I made all of these in a very short period of time so it is definitely a project you could take on and easily finish in an evening.  Qbee even has 'time saving scoring/cutting guide' if you are going to make more than one included in her directions.  What a gal!

Alright!  I've got lots to do.  I have one more Christmas gift errand to run then a package to get out tomorrow and then I'm done!  Woohoo! From Millan.Net

Have a wonderful weekend!


Patti J said...

Oh, Lorie, these turned out SO cute! I must make some of these :) Thanks for the inspiration, dear friend - I know that Kyler's teachers will be so tickled! I wish I was his teacher :) Hugs...

Donna said...

Great idea! So wonderful that I did them too for all my co-workers and a centerpiece project that I did for work. I just haven't shown it yet on my blog. I just love QBee's ideas. These look great!

Kris-Marie said...

OH my goodness Lorie... how CUTE are THESE?!?!! I HAVE to share this with C & M as they'll want to make these for their friends and teachers this week. :) CUTE!!!

OH MY GOODNESS.;... those dancing holly are adorable! Where do you get such cute animations?! :)