Monday, February 9, 2015

Where have I been?

I know!  Where have I been?  I have been busily working on helping put together, and then making it go off without (much) of a hitch, the silent auction portion of the fundraising dinner for the youth of our church that are going to Peru on a mission trip this August.  It was work but so worth it!  Check it out...

 One of the ways we raised money was by selling tickets for a chance to win this Seahawks, one of a kind, handmade quilt.  It was very successful!
 Here is one section of the silent auction tables.  We had everything from homemade chocolate chip cookies (which went for about $12 a doz!!) to a large rocking jeep to dinners for 8 or more people (the dinners went anywhere from $85 to $225!!).  Our church members are VERY generous!
 We had a packed room and actually had to set up three additional tables for our guests!!
 These are the adult and teen members of the mission team.  Actually you can't see several of the kids in this photo.  There are 10 people going total.
And here is the super excited and happy winner of the Seahawks quilt!  I love that someone who will truly appreciate it won!!  I gotta tell you...I go to an amazing church.  Our youth director, Chris, is so dedicated to our kids and our members are so supportive both within the church and outside of it, too!

Now that the auction is done I will have more time to get back to creating...I've got one Valentine project almost finished and have four more to go...eeks!!

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