Monday, June 8, 2015

A first...

Yesterday was our grandson's first birthday and he was dedicated.  What a super special day!  I, of course, wanted to make some decoration for his birthday party which was to be jungle themed.  My Scrap Chick has an entire group of jungle cutting files called Jungle Zoo Too that was perfect!  I made one of each character (front and side views) and also made a banner, too.  It was a months long project as I made a few at a time and then went on to do something else.  I'm SUPER pleased with how they turned out!!

 So, above is the banner I made.  His name is also made from files from My Scrap Chick but the 1st Birthday is from Miss Kate Cuttables.
 Here is the cake his mama made for him with a couple of the decoration piecees on it.  My grandson is a blondie so this little guy is made to look like him.  Next are the five different decorations set throughout the house.

And above is a photo of our grandson with the cookie monster cake we gave him at our house on Friday.  He actually did not want to put his hand or face in it so we just cut it into pieces and he ate some that way.

I gotta tell  you it was super special making the decorations for his birthday.  A labor of love for a little boy who has totally captured our hearts!!

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Anonymous said...

Your little Birthday Boy is adorable and your decorations turned out great. I like your idea of grouping the little zoo characters together and turning them into party bouquets. Very Festive.