Friday, July 8, 2016

100 Classes!

Happy Friday all!  Woohoo...gotta love the weekend!  Today I'm sharing with you a little 'card' that I decorated up for a Jazzercise friend.  At our Jazzercise Center when you reach a certain number of classes that you've taken in a year you get to put your name up on the board announcing your accomplishment.  As a class manager I check to see what's going on with our clients (birthdays, number of get the idea) so when I was checking the class info on Wednesday I noticed one of my 7:45 am friends was going to hit her 100th class for the year on Thursday the 7th so I just had to take the little square (it's 3"x3" and that's what goes up on the board) and decorate it all up for her to put up on the board yesterday.
I've used all Jaded Blossom products for this fun little project including the Alphabet Dies and the Fitness Candies sets.  I just chose some scraps from my stash for the letters and numbers and then tried to coordinate the colors on the stamps.  I think it is pretty cute and Pam loved it!I covered up Pam's last name for privacy. 

I was thinking about it on the way home from class that sometimes it is just the little things that make such a heart difference, ya know?  I don't know how much of a difference it made to Pam but I know that making that little square fun for her made a big difference in my heart!

There you have it...a quick little crafty post today.  I hope you  have wonderful plans for the weekend and that you enjoy yourself!

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Katie Skiff said...

That is very sweet of you Lorie, I'm sure she will appreciate it!!