Monday, December 5, 2016

December Documented Day 3

Here we are at Day 3!

Saturday was just kinda a normal day in my December.  I had a lovely time at the Care Net Volunteer brunch at a local restaurant.  I love getting together with that group of women.  In a day and age where things are so hostile right now it is wonderful to sit with a group of like minded women who love the Lord and all want to encourage Pro Abundant Life!  I count some of the women I volunteer with as some of my closest friends.  The fun lotion and candy we received from the board was super fun too!

Then in the evening we had our neighbor across the street over for tacos and margaritas.  This neighbor has had some health issues this year and for the last couple of months a family member was staying with her (along with her grandson who is going to our local university) to assist her each day...all that to say...we haven't gotten to chat with her much and we missed her!  It was a lovely evening and I'm looking forward to doing it again! 

See ya tomorrow for Day 1 of the MHKDesigns December release and Day 4 of my December Documented!

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