Monday, July 20, 2015

My filofax creativity...

Just thought I'd share a little personal craftiness I did the other day.  I will warn you that it is not, by any stretch perfect, but since it is for my personal use I'm okay with it.  It was actually quite difficult to cut the script portion of the saying (for some reason) so I cut it a couple of times (okay, three times) and then decided this was going to have to be good enough.
I have a filofax planner and the first page (this one above) is called the dashboard...I'm not exactly sure why but it is.  My dashboard actually matches the outside of my of my planner (I should have shown you that too, sorry!).  I was just searching for filofax blogs and ran across one that had my exact planner on it and she had made a dashboard page and a couple of other dividers which she provided for free!  I was so excited but wanted to make it even more mine so I bought this saying from the Silhouette Store and proceeded to cut it and add it to my dashboard. 
The kraft colored polka dot dividers are also personal to my planner...I cut those on my Cameo as well.  Again, the file for those dividers I found in the Silhouette store...99¢ for six...I think I'll use them a lot as I love to change things out and I get bored easily.  As silly as it is I purchased a new pencil to match my planner ( you think I like pink much...*wink, wink*) and I love how it writes and has a huge eraser but also came with more lead and erasers...yay!

So now you've been introduced to more of my crazy in my planner life!  Do you use a planner...paper or electronic?  What do you love about it?

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