Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Prayer Jar

Good morning friends!  I'm working on a super cutie Halloween card to share with you.  The creative process was interrupted yesterday so it isn't quite ready for reveal so I thought I'd share with you, instead, the prayer jar that I made.

When in Iowa as part of our summer road trip my step-grandma gave me a jar that she says was belong to my grandma (my beloved grandma).  While it was nothing special and who knows if it was actually hers I decided to 'do something with it' as all crafters do.  I asked around on a Silhouette Cameo group that I'm a part of and someone gave me the idea of a prayer jar.  A little more research and I found a file for both sides of the jar.  Without further ado...the jar...
 This first side uses the scripture Romans 12:12 in gold vinyl.
And the other side is a silhouette praying girl.  I just love this side!

My prayer jar is designed to put pieces of paper inside so throughout the day I can either pull one or two or however many out and pray for that prayer request or I thought I could lay my hands on the jar a couple of times a day and prayer for all the needs written inside.  So far I have one prayer request which is pretty consistantly on my mind anyway so I look forward to having it full of things to talk with God about. to a productive day today!  Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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Patti J said...

What a great idea, Lorie! Love this! I haven't tried yet to do ny vinyl projects...wish you lived close enough to teach me!